Store autumn leaves in plastic bags for use as compost when you plant your garden. The yard full of leaves in the fall can be raked and held on to. Put the bags of leaves in a place that is warm. In the spring, you will have great soil material for your compost pile.

This free garden design software allows you to upload a picture of your own yard as the background for designing your garden. Then one-by-one you can add in hedges and shrubs, trees and flowers, annuals and so on. The software comes stocked with actual pictures, not illustrations, so you can see exactly what your garden will look like. When you are done, you can print the result on your color printer or email the results to friends and family.

A simple stone marker is fairly cheap and is an elegant reminder of your lost pet. The stones can be customized with an inscription or design to eulogize the pet. For a more elaborate reminder, a picture of the pet can be inscribed on the stone.

Apart from a rock garden – not to be concerned with a Japanese garden – there are plenty of other ways to use decorative stone to enhance your landscaping.

First of all, why not try going with a theme for your whole garden? Rather than making your theme ‘garden’, consider how you could tie together your garden art and how you could choose your plants in order to evoke a particular country or time period. How about a prehistoric garden? An aquatic garden? Or a Roman temple style garden? These are all relatively easy to imagine, but would be sure to make an impression. ‘Zen gardens’ are a particularly popular theme to consider.

Will it take much looking after? The lawn will need cutting in summer, but if you use bark chippings the kids’ play area will be maintenance-free. For borders, choose long-flowering, care-free perennials, such as yarrow, bleeding heart and black-eyed Susan. How can I cut costs? This garden shouldn’t be expensive to create or maintain, as long as you keep the borders quite narrow. You can make them seem deeper, though, by planting evergreen climbers, such as Clematis armandii.

You can find various style and verities in bamboo fence, while these features and verities you can’t find in traditional fence. Bamboo fencing becomes popular due to its exotic beauty.

You can alleviate this problem by planting grasses that your cat will naturally gravitate towards. Try putting mothballs or citrus on your soil to wards pets away.