Bamboo fencing is also good for environment. Bamboo is a type of grass, which grows very fast. The entire root system remains intact and the plant can quickly sprout a new shoot without even going through the process of replanting it. As compare to any other grass, bamboo can be harvested without causing an imbalance in ecological system. Bamboo’s pole is very strong in structure.

This if a must if you are from the Pacific North West. It has great articles on everything you need to know including a month to month gardening guide.

How far I buried the rocks in the ground? The depth depended upon the rocks size for the particular places of my garden. The largest rocks was buried significantly deeper than the smaller river rocks. Three to five inches was a perfect depth for my river rocks landscaping. It was easy to do and now it looks fantastic.

One particular plant should be the focal point of your garden. In any great garden design, a good focal point captures the eye. Focal points in gardens are normally a plant specimen that no one else in the neighborhood has in their landscape.

If the stone is a little out of your range, another more economical option is a wooden box that can contain the pet’s ashes. The box can be sunk into the ground and decorated in a variety of ways, including with inscriptions. A memorial of this type is very economical and many beautiful designs are available.

For a straight stone walkway, simply stand at one of the ends of the imagined path. Tie one end of a ball of string to something, or have someone hold it for you, and unravel the string as you walk over the planned route to the other end of the walkway. If you like what you see, drive in a stake at each end and secure the string, marking one border of the projected walkway. Similarly, mark out the other border to the left or right of this line (leaving a gap as wide as you want the path to be).

First, decide where you plan to locate the garden, so that you know how much space you can provide to the crops. You can plant in the containers or hanging baskets if you have little space available. This limits your choice, as some of the veggies need a lot of room for developing roots. Pick the large varieties to grow in the ground and the small ones for the containers. A few will thrive at home near the sunny window.