Most blooms are fleeting. For long-lasting impact, select plants with colored foliage. Look at variegated plants in particular to provide the creams and yellows that match up with maroon and purple. By positioning plants according to their height, one can achieve spectacular effects with just a few plants. We should not be too obvious with our layers by staging plants in perfect rows. Work in odd-number groups and pull a plant or three slightly off center. Mixing up textures, one can get a little variety in colors, too.In addition, the Queen Palm is needed to be planted in a bright place where direct sunlight is experienced. This tree does not like cold weather that goes as low as 15 degrees F. In a windy climate, tying the leaves into one to secure it is a must.Container gardening is perfect for the city resident who only has a terrace of small plot with more concrete than soil. It is also good if you do not have the time to rake and hoe a plot of land. Some of the containers shown here look like works of art themselves.