Each principle is pretty simple and the trick is to use them all together at the same time. If you apply them to your garden in the order they’re listed, you’ll find it’s much easier to achieve good results.Water can be very interesting in the garden and it’s possible to get pretty ambitious here. Just including a swimming pool or a hot tub will right away make you the envy of the neighbours, but why not go further by having multiple layers and a waterfall? Or connecting your pool to a stream that goes around the garden with a bridge over the top? Or why not just install an impressive water feature that appears to defy gravity?Choose the path you want your walkway to take, keeping in mind your garden design. Decide whether you want a straight walkway or a curved one. Think about meandering the walkway around ornaments or gazebos. However, avoid laying your path under large trees whose roots can eventually damage the walkway. Consider laying the walkway close to your flowerbeds to make it look more pleasant, and help you in the watering and care of your flowering plants. Once your route is decided, in your mind, check the actual placing of your path.Traditional wooden fencing was popular because it gives classic look. But due to the increasing problems caused by wooden fencing, now consumers prefer bamboo fencing.