The Oriental garden appears informal at first glance. In truth it is a very formal and purposeful spatial arrangement of elements. The Oriental garden is the epitome of elegance and style. Everything is full of meaning and symbolism. The careful use of a mixture of plants, stones, and water is the key to a successful garden of this type. The idea is to seek understatement in the themes of the garden. Nothing should be excessive, but everything should be in natural proportion.

At first, I was puzzled but soon understood what she meant. Green isn’t really a color. It’s just the medium that holds the real colored parts in place.

Go for leaf structure, variegated, assortment of leaf sizes and colors. There are some wonderful plants in the drought tolerant range, and these will be your low maintenance plants. Choose plants of various heights and go for mass plantings of the various types you choose.

The key of success here is to integrate them into your yard and the design. I located the rocks in places to add them to the garden design, not in place like trying to camouflage something up. In fact, it was not so easy to do, because, as you may be notice, the rocks attract the visitor’s attention in any way. But after some tests I found the best place and now I’m quite comfort with them.

Sun and Shade: Notate which areas are sunny or shady and during what time of the day. When you’re buying your plants, you can use this information to choose them according to the right lighting conditions. Also, the location of sun and/or shade will also give your ideas about where to place attractive and inviting outdoor living spaces. For example, in mid-summer, the sunniest and warmest sides of the house will be the south and western sides.

Climbing roses are prone to certain types of insects that feed on them, so be careful of this when you decide to grow them. There are bugs called rose-bugs that love to attack rose bushes. Experts aren’t sure if they like the fragrance or what really draws them to the bushes, and some even suspect that there is sweetness to extract from the plant. Ladybugs are a good source to add to your climbing roses if you have them simply because they eat the tiny aphids and small mites that attack rose bushes too.

If you cut your hand, you can use a glove to protect it from germs and chemicals until it heals. If dirt and grime get into a cut while gardening, it may become infected. You can now purchase bandages to seal the cut completely.

Many people delight in the taste of fresh mint leaves but become frustrated when the plant spreads wildly. Rein in their growth by planting the mint in a large pot or garden container instead. You can then plant the container down in the ground if you like, but the walls of the container will hold the roots captive and keep the plant from taking over your garden!